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Exploring Millstone NJ: A Hidden Gem in Somerset County 2024

Homes in Millstone NJ


Nestled in the heart of Somerset County, Millstone NJ is a testament to the charm and allure of small-town living.


In this blog post we will take you on a journey through Millstone as we uncover its location, the county it calls home, and the vibrant housing market that awaits those seeking their dream homes.

Millstone NJ
Explore Millstone NJ in Somerset County



Where can you find Millstone, NJ?

Millstone NJ is situated in Central New Jersey. Its strategic location offers residents a living environment that’s also conveniently close to major cities and amenities.

This coveted spot allows residents to experience the best of both worlds. Tranquil life with access to urban conveniences.

Millstone has a history.  Millstone Borough was formed in 1894, from portions of Hillsborough Township in Somerset County.

While there are no current schools in Millstone, the sending school district attends Hillsborough High School.


Which County does Millstone NJ belong to?

Millstone proudly belongs to Somerset County – a region renowned for its history, communities and natural beauty. Somerset County provides a backdrop for recreational activities that enrich the lives of Millstone residents. It truly is a place for exploration and enjoyment.  With Close proximity to Shopping, recreation, and commuting, it is a must-see.  Keep in mind, that Millstone NJ is often confused with Millstone Township, which is located in Monmouth County.  There is also another Millstone in Mercer County.  We will cover Millstone Township in Monmouth and Mercer County in another blog post.

Millstone Borough is surrounded closely by Franklin Township and Hillsborough Township New Jersey.

Millstone NJ Somerset County

Somerset County is a great blend of historic charm and exceptional convenience.  Somerset encompasses Millstone.  It has a rich colonial history, great scenic landscapes, and a vibrant scene.  For recreational enthusiasts, Somerset County has a variety of parks.

The thriving economy makes it a very attractive destination for visitors and residents.  Somerset County focuses on preserving as much history and natural beauty as possible.



Homes, in Millstone NJ

The real estate market, in Millstone NJ is as diverse as the area itself. There’s a range of housing options, from large estates and custom homes to cozy single-family residences and charming townhouses.

Millstone takes pride in preserving its beauty and historical significance by developing its residential areas. This ensures that every home in Millstone contributes to a community.  If you want to see the most relevant listings that are on the market in Millstone, Click Here!


Exploring Millstone New Jersey

Millstone is more than a place to live; it’s a community where history, nature, and modern living come together. Whether you’re attracted to its landscape-friendly residents or the opportunities it offers for a fulfilling lifestyle, Millstone invites you to discover all it has in store.

Millstone NJ County

In conclusion:
Situated in Somerset County, Millstone is a treasure waiting to be found. Whether you’re thinking of making it your home or simply exploring what this unique township has to offer.

You’ll quickly realize that its charm sense of community and real estate opportunities make it an exceptional destination, within New Jersey.


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Homes in Millstone Township in Monmouth County New Jersey

Homes in Millstone NJ in Mercer County


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Millstone, NJ, is bordered by several towns that contribute to its charming suburban landscape.

These include:
  • Manalapan to the north, which shares a rich historical heritage and vibrant community life.
  • Freehold to the east, known for its historic downtown and active cultural scene.
  • Monroe Township to the north and west, offering a mix of residential areas and green spaces.
  • East Windsor and Roosevelt to the south, each with its unique character and community offerings. These neighboring towns provide Millstone residents with additional amenities, shopping, and recreational options, enhancing the quality of life in the area.


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