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eXp Realty Revenue Share Program 2024

eXp Realty Revenue Share Program

eXp Realty Revenue Share Program: Opportunity in 2024

From the low commission cap to the generous commission plan, there are several reasons why real estate agents join eXp Realty.

This includes the Generous Stock Awards and the increasingly popular eXp Realty revenue sharing program.

Revenue-sharing is extremely different from a profit-sharing program.

Profit-sharing occurs in a brokerage when the company shares a portion of its profits generated by the production or real estate agents that were sponsored back to its agents.

The profit-sharing concept seems generous at first.  That is, until you realize the profits are only shared after all of the expenses have been deducted from the revenue.

These costs can include insurance, staff salaries, rent, and other costly overhead. In a profit-share model, sponsored agents can be productive and even top producers.

But if the office or franchise is not profitable, there will be zero profit sharing.

The eXp Realty Revenue Share program works completely differently.

This is because the company shares 50% of its revenue, or the company dollar.

This is 50% received from each transaction BEFORE expenses are deducted.

eXp Realty Agents can financially benefit from “sponsoring” new agents into eXp Realty every time that agent closes a sale.

This all contributes toward the revenue of eXp Realty.


When a new real estate agent joins eXp Realty, they name the eXp agent who “referred” or “sponsored” them to join eXp.

As soon as the new agents begin closing transactions, the sponsor or senior partner receives a percentage of the revenue from the closed transaction of their sponsored agent or junior partner.

The amount is based on gross commission income (GCI).  The amount is also calculated dynamically and paid monthly.  One very important note is that eXp Realty LLC is the part that pays the share.

The new agent does not pay the share.  It comes out of eXp Realty’s commission split.

eXp Realty Revenue Share Program tracks and pays on transactions that go 7-tiers.  Participants in the revenue share model can receive a portion of revenue from the transactions completed by agents they directly sponsor, as

well as transactions that your junior partners sponsor. This goes on for seven tiers.

Let’s see how this works.

eXp Realty Revenue Share Program Explained

eXp Realty Revenue Share Program for Attracting new Agents


Glenn Sanford, the founder of eXp Realty, made this program easy to understand.

When you bring in a new real estate agent to eXp Realty, you will receive 3.5% of their gross commission.

This revenue has nothing to do with the profitability of the company for the month.

Your monthly revenue share from eXp Realty is based on 3.5% of that specific agent’s gross commission.

Let’s say one of the agents you brought in sells a $500,000 home and gets a 3% commission split.

That equates to $15,000 in commission.

Therefore, you will receive 3.5% of the gross commission, or $525.

Pretty straight-forward.

The incredible opportunity of the eXp Realty Revenue Share program is that you will continue to receive 3.5% of everything the agent sells until they cap the year.

The commission cap is $16,000, then it resets at the end of their calendar year from the date they joined.

You could be earning $2,800 annually from a capping agent that you bring in.

In the chart above, you can see the power of this eXp Realty Revenue Share Model.

If you have questions about this chart, reach out to us today!


Examples of Earning Potential with eXp Realty Revenue Share


Example #1

Let’s say you recruit 10 real estate agents into eXp Realty.

If they are all capping agents, that is the potential to earn an extra $28,000 for the year, with it resetting on their anniversary day.

If the 10 agents each recruit 1 agent, and you have 10 agents in your second level that recruit 1 agent each,

You would have 10 Agents in Level 1 (3.5%) With 10 agents in your second level (3.8%) and 10 agents in Level 3 (2.4%), you could potentially earn  $80,000!


Example #2

Imagine if you recruited 10 extremely ambitious real estate agents to eXp Realty.

They each went out and recruited 10 agents.

You would have 10 agents in your first level and 100 agents in your second level.

If they are all capped, you could potentially earn $348,000!

This does not even touch on whether those 100 agents at your second level recruited anyone.



This is an absolutely amazing opportunity to earn residual revenue every year while you are selling real estate.

Everyone has an incentive to help everyone in their network continue to grow!

What is most exciting about the eXp Realty Revenue Program is that everyone in your network has an incentive to help each other grow.

When you bring in a real estate agent into the brokerage that is closing roughly $40,000 in gross commission income (GCI) each year, you would make about $1,400 per year in eXp revenue.

If you could demonstrate how to increase their business, you could double your revenue share and improve that agent’s production, thus earning more money for themselves!

You would not only be making an additional $1,400 but would also have a much happier real estate agent because everyone wins, helping your network grow!


About eXp Realty

eXp Realty is one of the fastest-growing residential real estate brokerage firms in North America.

With 80,000+ agents across North America,.

eXp Realty is unique in its offerings. Real estate agents have more opportunities to earn company stock for production and contribute to the overall growth of the company.

As the nation’s leading cloud-based brokerage, eXp Realty offers 24/7 access to training and collaborating tools for real estate agents and brokers.

eXp Realty is a subsidiary of eXp World Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXPI)

For more information on eXp Realty Revenue Share Program or  Joining eXp Realty, please visit www.PrestigeGrowthNetwork.









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