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Premiere Group at Real Broker


In the evolving realm of real estate, the Premiere Group at Real Broker shines as a symbol of creativity and excellence. Established in 2017 by David Keener this standout team has swiftly made a name for itself reshaping the industry landscape with its approach and focus on technology.

The Genesis of a Visionary Real Estate Squad – Premiere Group


The story originated in Greensboro, North Carolina with a vision to establish a brokerage that prioritizes agents. Recognizing the power of merging technology with personalized agent assistance the group set out on a mission to expand its presence nationwide.

A Swift Rise in the Real Estate Sector – Premiere Group joins REAL


Within under ten years, the team has grown to encompass 38 markets spanning 20 states aiming to reach all 50 states by 2025. This rapid expansion underscores their model that provides top-notch marketing and operational support to agents.


Fostering Success Through Innovation and Community


What distinguishes this team is not its size but its ethos. The team’s commitment, to delivering client experiences coupled with cutting-edge technology has cultivated a community of agents empowered to excel at their craft.
Premiere Groups’ dedication, to excellence has driven them to success earning them rankings in RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand list.

Looking Ahead

As the team grows, its influence on the real estate sector is undeniable. By focusing on agent achievement and client happiness they are not just selling properties; they are creating an impact. The group’s future objectives include expanding embracing advancements and upholding their mission to transform real estate transactions for both agents and clients.

How Premiere is Creating Top-Earning Real Estate Agents

  • PROVEN, Constantly Evolving Formulat:  Consistent and Continuous refining of our brokerage framework.  Providing agents with qualified leads and the resources needed to exceed expectations.  No matter the size of your career goal, you will find SUCCESS at PREMIERE!
  • GROWTH-Minded Culture:  PREMIERE has a footprint that stretches across the county!  PREMIERE is always looking for motivated agents to grow individually and on the team!  With Leadership and mentorship opportunities, real estate agents have limitless personal and professional growth potential!
  • AGENT-Focused Splits with EXTRA Earning Opportunities:  PREMIERE’S Goal is to empower agents’ success!  At the heart of the approach is an agent-centric culture.  This is well complemented by a rewarding commission structure!  PREMIERE Offers revenue-sharing and diverse opportunities.
Join one of the Fastest Growing Real Estate Teams in the NATION!
In Summary

The transformation of Premiere Group at Real Broker, LLC from a forward-thinking startup to a player, in estate showcases the importance of innovation, culture, and dedication. As they continue to grow and innovate the real estate industry eagerly anticipates the chapter in this success story.


John McLain   908-878-9356   Your Home Sold, Guaranteed!

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