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AMAZING Opportunity Joining REAL Broker as a New Agent in 2024

Joining Real Broker

 Joining Real Broker as a New Agent in 2024


Joining Real Broker as a new agent


Our journey to joining REAL Broker differs from the usual path.

After recognizing the unique advantages that REAL Broker offers, we transitioned from a profitable franchise to embracing new opportunities.

Since making this move, we’ve observed countless new and part-time agents thrive, following a series of precise steps. My mentor, who was a fresh real estate agent at the time, grew his home sales from 72 in his first year to over 180 by his second year. Today, his team ranks among the top in the nation, a testament to consistent success over the past decade.

Why do some new real estate agents struggle while others prosper? Each story is unique.

Although REAL Broker is a top choice for its agent-centric approach and high value, it isn’t the right fit for everyone. We love REAL Broker and thrive on assisting new agents in reaching new heights, but it requires a commitment to training and development.

There are numerous real estate firms out there. Is Joining REAL Broker the right choice for new agents? Let’s explore.

If you identify with the following, JOINING Real Broker might be the perfect fit for you:

  1.  Agents aiming to build a scalable team
  2. Team leaders seeking further growth
  3. Experienced real estate agents desiring more
  4. Luxury and top-producing real estate agents
  5. Commercial agents
  6. Investors and referral agents
  7.  Brokers, owners, or franchise owners
  8.  Agents focusing on retirement, cash flow, healthcare, and equity ownership

After our first two months at REAL Broker, we are convinced it’s the ideal place for agents focused on freedom, success, and future growth. If you’re unsure why, let’s dive deeper into a conversation!

But what about new agents considering Real Broker?

Joining REAL Broker and PREMIERE Group

Pros of Joining REAL Broker as a New Agent

Live Training: With over 88+ hours of live training in the REAL Broker environment, agents benefit from daily learning opportunities in a virtual setting, which surpasses the limitations of local brokerage training.

Team Support: The right sponsor can dramatically enhance your success. Your senior and junior partners will offer you resources, training, coaching, mentorship, and access to weekly masterminds, amplifying what REAL Broker already offers.

Ownership Opportunities: From your first transaction, you earn shares in the company. Real Broker is not a franchise — the managing brokers and staff work for you, giving you a stake in the company’s success.

Maximizing Profits: Enjoy 85%-100% commission with a very low cap.  Start making more money from your first day.

Flexibility: Work from anywhere with internet access, supported by REAL Broker’s comprehensive system.

Building Financial Freedom: REAL Broker offers multiple avenues for income and passive income through an agent equity program, setting industry standards for financial independence.

Powerful CRM with Leads: The included Lofty CRM and OneREALS websites, lead generation tools, marketing automation, drip campaigns, and client management, all essential for immediate impact and growth.

Accessible Support: Worldwide support is just a click away, covering administrative, financial, IT, legal, and contractual needs.

Joining a Team:  New agents have the option to join REAL Broker PRO-teams, enhancing your integration and success.  Ask me about joining PREMIERE GROUP!  One of the Nations Fastest Growing MEGA-TEAMS!

Cons of Joining REAL Broker as a New Agent

No Assigned Local Mentor: REAL Broker does not have mentors at the moment.  At PREMIERE Group at REAL Broker, we offer a Team Leader and Local Mentor in the states we operate in!  This ensures new agents aren’t left to fend for themselves. You’ll be assigned a local mentor to walk you through your first few transactions!

Virtual vs. In-Person: REAL Broker operates primarily online, which means traditional in-person events, meetings, and training are optional.  At PREMIERE Group, we hold weekly trainings and Live-Events that you may take advantage of.

Independence in Business: REAL Broker empowers you to run your business your way, which means you need to take proactive steps toward your success.

joining real broker llc

Your Path to Success with Joining REAL Broker

Success with REAL Broker, like anywhere, requires education, mentorship, and action. Our platform provides extensive training from some of the world’s top real estate agents, fostering a robust environment for growth.

Are you ready to explore the vast potential with REAL Broker? Contact us today to learn more about our approach and how we can help you achieve unparalleled success in real estate.

John McLain


Team McLain of PREMIERE Group at REAL Broker, LLC




If you’d like to get started Today, Click HERE!

Schedule a Call Today if you are interested in Joining REAL Broker.






<div class=”rank-math-questions-item”><h3 class=”rank-math-tooltip” data-key=”Is a real broker profitable?” role=”presentation”>Is a real broker profitable?</h3></div><div class=”rank-math-questions-item”><h3 class=”rank-math-tooltip” data-key=”Who owns Real Brokerage?” role=”presentation”>Who owns Real Brokerage?</h3></div><div class=”rank-math-questions-item”><h3 class=”rank-math-tooltip” data-key=”What makes real brokerage different?” role=”presentation”>What makes real brokerage different?</h3></div><div class=”rank-math-questions-item”><h3 class=”rank-math-tooltip” data-key=”How to become an elite agent at Real Broker?” role=”presentation”>How to become an elite agent at Real Broker?</h3></div>  JOINING REAL BROKER,



Is real broker profitable? Yes, Joining REAL Broker can be a highly profitable option for real estate agents. Its business model emphasizes agent success through low overhead costs and generous commission splits. Real Broker offers an 85% to 100% commission structure with a low cap, which means once you’ve paid a certain amount in commissions, everything else you earn within that year is yours at 100%. This structure, coupled with minimal desk fees and access to high-quality leads and technology, supports profitability for agents who are proactive in their sales efforts.
Who owns Real Brokerage? Joining Real Broker, also known simply as Real, is a publicly traded company under the name Real Broker LLC. It was founded by Tamir Poleg and Gal Weiss in 2014. As a public entity, it is owned by its shareholders, which include its founders, investors, and real estate agents who receive stock options as part of their compensation package. This unique ownership structure aligns the interests of the agents with the overall success of the company, as they can become shareholders and directly benefit from the growth of the business.
What makes real brokerage different? Joining Real Broker  stands out from traditional real estate companies with its fully remote model that eliminates the need for physical office spaces, thereby reducing overhead costs significantly. This allows for higher commission splits and a cap on commission fees that benefits the agents financially. Additionally, Real leverages cutting-edge technology and a supportive network that includes virtual training and mentorship, enhancing the ability for agents to work efficiently from anywhere. Its innovative approach to equity ownership and revenue sharing further differentiates it by providing agents with a stake in the company’s success.
How to become an elite agent at Real Broker?

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